• FlexConnect Folding Table Back Seat Accessory

    FlexConnect Folding Table Back Seat Accessory

    Note: Requires the FlexConnect Adapter (part number: 9834351480 to be purchased separately). FlexConnect Folding Table - Rear Seat Mounted Accessory Official Vauxhall FlexConnect Folding Table headrest fitment accessory. This product requires the Fixing...
    Price: £131.34


  • Fire Extinguisher 50 Seconds

    Fire Extinguisher 50 Seconds

    Intended for motorists, boaters and caravanners. Space-saving due to its small size, it can be kept in the glove box, the empty pocket, under the seat. It extinguishes all types of fires. No risk of explosion not pressurized. Discharge time: 50 sec...
    Price: £88.58